Los Diarios de Rebecca en España (rebeccacita) wrote in tefl,
Los Diarios de Rebecca en España

CELTA (TEFL cert) in France???

Dear TEFL community,

So I´m in my second year of working as an auxiliar (english TA) in Spain. I´m thinking I might spend a few more years teaching English as a way of traveling the world before I go back to school for my masters, getting a real career, etc. I´m thinking about taking a TEFL certification course this summer. This is something that I thought I´d NEVER bother with, since I haven´t needed it so far. I figure, why waste the money? But I wonder if it would make it significantly easier for me to find jobs as an English teacher wherever I decide to travel. So now I have all these questions....

1. Is it worth getting the certification? Did it make it easier to find a job? I'm American, so there *is* the visa issue.... as an auxiliar I'm on a student visa, so being an auxiliar is the easiest thing to do, as it is both the least work and doesn't require certification, but you can only do it for a few times...

2. Do you recommend any TEFL courses in France? I'm studying beginning French this year and think it might be cool to practice my French a little while I'm doing this TEFL course... I'd like to be in southern France (somewhere that's NOT Paris, haha), like Toulouse or Nice.... was looking at this program and this program but are they good programs? They aren't CELTA....

3. Does it make a significant difference if I go for a course that's Trinity or Cambridge accredited? I've read the post recommending CELTA over everything else... what's annoying is that it seems to only be offered in Paris and no where else in France. Maybe this is a stupid thing to fret over, though.... oh well!

Thank you in advance.... for any advice...
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