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Hi all,

A few questions about one-on-one teaching/tutoring.

1. I have some private ESL clients here in the U.S. (Seattle), and normally I meet them in person, for an hour or more of tutoring at a time. One of them just requested switching to phone lessons, 20 minutes a day, Monday through Friday instead of 2 one-hour lessons each week. I charge $25/hour for in-person tutoring (which may or may not seem high, but seems to be a medium rate here in Seattle), and proposed charging $10 for 20 minutes for phone lessons since I spend almost the same amount of time prepping for the 20 minutes ones as the hour-long lessons (she wants a new article to discuss every time, which requires time searching for appropriate ones--and appropriately short ones).

She thinks I should charge less (maybe less than $8.33, which would be 1/3 of my per-hour rate), and I'm irritated, but not sure what's "fair" in this situation. She is an attorney in Korea, and has recently talked about paying someone $50/hour to make her family meals while here in the U.S., so I guess I'm maybe even a little more irked at the reluctance to pay a tiny bit more than an exact 1/3...I tend to be much more flexible when I work with students at establishing a lower rate than when I work with professionals.

2. Also, do any of you do one-on-one tutoring? If so, do you charge a flat per-hour rate, or do you adapt it at all depending on length of commute or less for longer lessons, etc.? Just wondering if there's a norm out there.

3. Does anyone do phone lessons? I'm wondering if that might be something to move into, but this is my first foray into that area of teaching.
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