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Does anyone have any resources on or experiences with the EPIK programme in Korea? I’m a bit confused as to how they operate, I know it’s a government scheme but I was wondering if there was a nationalised system or whether it varies from school to school. I think the confusion lies mainly with the fact it seems to be advertised by independent recruiters rather than on its own (unlike the JET scheme for Japan, for example).

The benefits seem okay, they appear to have more holidays (although I’m guessing you can’t really choose when you take them), but the pay is a little less than the Hagwons. I’m a little concerned about going private because a. I’m mixed race (and Japanese to boot…) and I’m worried I’ll be judged on my photo and b. I’ve heard so many bad experiences. But then I’ve looked up EPIK and circa 2002-2003 there were a lot of complaints about the system, and I wonder how/if it’s improved? I’ll be applying for both private and public in the meantime, but would like to make a more informed decision.

Thanks in advance, I’m happy to hear your views!
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