Robin (solri) wrote in tefl,

Shameless self-advertising

Some time ago I asked here if anyone knew of community sites specialising in EAP. It turns out thwat there is very little out there - loads of scholarly papers and websites of departments or professional organisations like BALEAP but nothing along the lines of what I wanted: a kind of Dave's ESL cafe for EAP. So to go some way towards filling the gap, I've started a blog: EAPlog. At the moment most of it is links to articles of interest and job postings, but I will add more original content if my readership rises above a dozen ;-) Comments are of course welcome.
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Shameless Self Advertising yeah - but let's hope it gets the job done ;0)
hehehe... check out maybe we can co-operate
The site looks interesting - I've put in a link.
Thank you very much ;0)