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Hello, hello! I am currently a grad student getting my certification in ESL. I am writing a paper on culture and I need to have opinions of many different people.I need to ask ELL teachers and ELL students. I have no problem finding ELL students in my school, but we only have four ELL teachers in my school and I need at least 10 different opinions!

So if you guys have time if you could possibly answer the following questions for me that would be great!

You only need to write like 1-2 sentences for each question. This paper is supposed to be a short look into the opinions of ELL teachers and students. It's only going to be about 2-3 pages so just your first reaction to the question is all that is needed!

1. What is culture to you? Define culture in your own words.

2. What are characteristics of culture?

3. What is the relationship between culture and people?

4. Describe American culture.

5. What is multicultural education? What is its purpose?

6. How can an ELL teacher contribute to multicultural education?

7. What kind of linguistic, cultural and other competencies do you want your ELL students to acquire?

There is 7 questions. You don't have to answer all of them, you could answer just one and it would be helpful!

Thanks guys!! And if this isn't allowed please let me know!
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